Elevate Creativity with Meiro Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Impressed by Meiro? Turn your appreciation into opportunity.
Earn a consistent 25% revenue share by referring new customers

How it works

Enroll in the Meiro Affiliate Program. Once on board, you'll receive a unique affiliate link crafted especially for you


Have a network or audience? Share your link. If they get onboard within 30 days, you're set for a commission


Whenever someone upgrades through your referral, a tidy 25% commission is yours. Straightforward and rewarding





Monetize your passion for interactive content

Help others discover the magic of interactive content, and in return, enjoy a 25% revenue share on every successful referral. Consistently.

Estimate your earnings with referrals

Based on an average monthly revenue of $56 per user

Navigate your affiliate metrics

A real-time glimpse into your referrals, clicks, and earned commissions. Always stay informed with your own affiliate hub

Join the Meiro Partner Community

As a valued partner, you'll gain exclusive access to our dedicated Discord channel. This platform facilitates direct communication with our team, encourages collaborative discussions with fellow partners, and offers a space to strategize on promoting Meiro effectively


Start earning now

Enhance your earnings potential while promoting a platform that's changing the way we create interactive content